UK industry to ‘act with one voice’ in dealings with government

A group of PPP investors have agreed to work together in future conversations with government, it was revealed at yesterday’s PartnershipsTV event.

During the discussion on the White Fraiser Report into behaviours in PFI contracts, InfraRed partner Stewart Orrell revealed that a grouping of the larger funds involved and invested in UK PFI are coming together to speak with one voice to address key stakeholder issues. The grouping comprises the majority of UK PFI projects within their portfolios. 

“We recognise that we should be looking at ourselves, but also to be gathering our own thoughts on what is best practice,” he explained.

One industry source suggested that the effort could be a game changer for the UK PPP market, by ensuring the government hears a clear and consistent message from the private sector when consulting it on issues affecting the market.

The UK PPP industry has long suffered from a lack of a clear voice to push back on some of the myths that surround the market, with industry professionals often lamenting the lack of an equivalent to the Canadian Council for PPPs or the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure - both of which have helped promote the benefits of PPPs in North America.

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