Ecuador strengthens P3 legislation

Credit: Getty

Ecuador's Interinstitutional Committee of Public-Private Partnerships (CIAPP) has approved new regulatory changes to bolster its P3 enabling environment.

The committee has issued a new General Guide to Eligibility and Prioritization of P3s, which will help guide the planning and selection processes for projects to progress to feasibility and more detailed stages, acting as an “initial filter”.

The Inter-American Development Bank Group (IDB) helped craft the new regulations, alongside Ecuador's Secretariat of Public-Private Investments (SIPP).

“This new guide represents an important step forward in promoting sustainable development in Ecuador through P3s,” said the government, adding that it “reaffirms its commitment to promoting projects that benefit society and strengthen the country's economy.”

Ecuador has been gearing up to create a strong pipeline of P3 projects, enlisting help from multilaterals such as the World Bank and assistance from neighbors such as Peru.