UK, Germany agree hydrogen tie-up

The governments of the UK and Germany have agreed a deal to help accelerate the development of an international hydrogen industry.

Credit: Getty

In a move designed to establish the basis for private investment in the hydrogen sector, the two countries have signed a Joint Declaration of Intent to work together to underpin the international trade in hydrogen.

“As industry feels the benefit of trade opportunities between the two countries, private investment in hydrogen technology and projects is set to follow the agreement,” the governments said.

“Our cooperation will not just involve trading of hydrogen and its derivatives, but also cooperation on technologies and innovation in this field, which will be of mutual benefit for both Germany and the UK,” explained Germany’s State Secretary for Energy, Philip Nimmermann.

As the hydrogen market develops, it is anticipated that there will be opportunities for partnerships between the public and private sectors to kickstart major developments and to support the development of the transmission infrastructure that will be required.