New MDOT major projects lead backs P3

The recently installed director of the newly established Office of Major Projects at the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has discussed the potential for P3s in the state.

Credit: Michigan DOT

Ryan Mitchell has stepped into the new role, having previously led MDOT’s innovative contracting unit, and prior to that has worked at a number of DOTs across the country, including working on alternative delivery and P3 projects in Nevada and Texas.

Speaking to MDOT’s Talking Michigan Transportation podcast, Mitchell discussed the potential offered by the P3 model, and highlighted the benefits that could be on offer by using the progressive P3 model.

“A P3 is a good fit when the agency may want to contract for the operations and maintenance services for an asset for a long term and may want the private sector to finance the project with repayment by the DOT,” he said.

Mitchell added that a progressive model is “a terrific fit for projects where we know that there will be challenges in the development of the project, that we want the contractor's input on schedule and the cost and the risk of permitting, for example, the environmental process and maybe stake all their engagement as well”.