Alabama legislature backs P3 for State House

Plans to develop a new Alabama State House using a P3 model have been approved by the state’s legislature.

Alabama State House

Alabama’s Legislative Council has given its backing to proceed with a P3 model to deliver the new State House, after it was agreed that building a new structure would be a better use of funds than attempting to update the current property.

The legislators have backed plans to award a contract to the Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) to design and build the new State House, with the potential to include a 25-year leaseback structure similar to a traditional P3. There is also an option for the legislature to buy back the new building immediately on completion.

Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives, Nathaniel Ledbetter, highlighted the “dilapidated” state of the current building, pointing to black mold and “chronic flooding”.

“A new State House will provide much-needed public access and adequate space for Alabama’s press - allowing more opportunities for Alabamians to attend legislative meetings, have input in important debates, and let their voices be heard on the issues that matter to them most,” he said.