Former Carillion CEO banned

The former chief executive of Carillion has been disqualified as a director for eight years by the Insolvency Service.

Acting on behalf of the Secretary of State for Business and Trade, the Insolvency Service issued the disqualification to Richard Howson, who was chief executive of Carillion from 2011 until July 2017, when he resigned amid a profit warning.

In August last year, Howson was fined £397,800 for his role in the downfall of Carillion, along with fines for Richard Adam and Zafar Khan, who have also both subsequently been disqualified as directors.

“As the litigation against the remaining directors is ongoing, with a trial set to commence the week of 16 October 2023, we are unable to comment any further,” an Insolvency Service spokesperson said.

Howson, along with Adam and Khan, were found to have caused Carillion to make market announcements that they “ought to have known were misleading as to the reality of Carillion’s financial performance, position and prospects”, among other misdemeanours.