Dublin MetroLink progress continues

Ireland’s flagship rail project is continuing to make strides, with another periodic indicative notice (PIN) being issued.

Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) has published a notice relating to the M400 contracts - three packages that will be delivered under design-build arrangements and encompass the design and construction of the tunnels, shafts and portals, shell and core station structures (underground, retained cut and at-grade), viaducts, and related MetroLink civil infrastructure.

The PIN for these plans comes less than a month after the TII issued a PIN for the Service Delivery Partner, which will provide certain works and the integrated operation and maintenance of the public passenger transport service under a PPP contract.

TII is considering the award of an early development agreement for the PPP contract.

The PIN for the M400 design-build contracts, which can be found here, demonstrates the continued momentum now building for the Dublin MetroLink scheme.