NCDOT eyeing P3 for bridge project

Credit: NCDOT

North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is weighing using a P3 for a $500m bridge project.

At a September meeting of Currituck County Board of Commissioners, Chair Bob White detailed that NCDOT is considering using a design, build, finance, operate and maintain P3 to deliver the bridge connecting North Carolina to the Currituck Sound.

A new crossing has long been planned for the state, with current connection between the landmasses constrained by a single crossing. In December 2021, NCDOT defeated a legal challenge to its plans for the Mid-Currituck Bridge project.

While noting that NCDOT is looking at delivering the project through several different ways, White said P3 is one of the options being assessed.

Although $150m has been earmarked for the project, that was described as a “drop in the bucket” in today's prices, prompting the search for new funding/financing opportunities, including the pursuit of new federal opportunities.

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