Peru preparing major water concessions

Credit: ProInversion

Peru’s private investment agency ProInversion is working on two major irrigation P3s, with a potential value of over $1bn.

The agency has initiated feasibility works to assess the potential concessioning of the Santa river diversion project and the Chancay-Lambayeque Valley water projects, which are valued at around US$420m and $580m respectively.

Both projects will contribute to the expansion of farmland in the Chinecas and Chancay Lambayeque valley, adding around 46,000 hectares of agricultural land.

Once the feasibility studies have been completed, the projects will be developed as P3s.

“The execution of these two megaprojects aimed at agro-export will require an estimated investment of $1bn, contributing to food security in the country, strengthening the agro-export supply of high-value agricultural products, boosting the economy and generating employment in the country,” said José Salardi, executive director of ProInversion.