NC town considers P3 for $100m regen

A town in North Carolina is considering the potential for a P3 approach to deliver a regeneration project, including a new baseball site.

Credit: Baker Tilly

A feasibility study carried out by Baker Tilly for the Town of Leland has recommended a number of steps that could help the authority deliver on its plans for a new baseball stadium as well as a wider regeneration known as the Jackeys Creek Development.

Among the recommendations is to investigate the financing options available to the authority for the initiative, including P3s and alternative financing structures.

The overall cost of the project is forecast to be around $105m and will provide nearly 10,000 homes as well as retail and commercial space, as well as the baseball stadium.

The concept is central to the town’s plan to attract a minor league baseball team to the region - something that the authority is working on in partnership with REV Entertainment and Jackey’s Creek Investors.