Berkeley, NASA space research P3 signed

Credit: Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, has signed a deal with NASA and SKS Partners to deliver a major space research hub.

Under the plans, 1.4m sq ft of research space will be delivered on NASA’s Ames’ Moffett Field in Mountain View, providing space for development laboratories and UC Berkeley classrooms.

The innovation center will look to bring together NASA’s world-leading onsite facilities with Berkeley’s student and research population in a bid to create an “ecosystem” of development.

Investor developer SKS Partners will lead the construction joint venture, with construction set to start in 2026. As part of the deal, UC Berkeley will receive a portion of revenues generated from the development.

“What they’re doing at NASA Ames is transformational, but in order to make it heroic, in order to make it even larger than what is now possible, they have to use the combined resources of the number one public university in the world, private industry and the most innovative place on the planet, which is Silicon Valley,” said Darek DeFreece, the project’s founder and executive director at UC Berkeley.