WV county releases broadband P3 RFP

Credit: Getty

Monongalia County, West Virginia, has released a request for proposals (RFP) for its broadband development program.

Under the plans, private partners are being sought to expand the county’s internet infrastructure with a new middle-mile network.

The RFP comes off the back of a county plan, conducted by advisors Lit Communities, which urged the project in the background of federal and state funds now available through such measures as the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“We’ve been very deliberate through this whole process. We’ve done our due diligence to create a strategic plan that is now ready for the execution phase,” Sikora said. “That phase begins with the RFP. We’re ready now to learn what opportunities are there to provide future-ready internet service to Monongalia County.”

The P3 will work to create a “more connected in today’s networked world and give the county a competitive advantage for economic growth and development.”

Ice Miller is advising the authority on the project.

Responses are due November 15, 2023. The RFP can be obtained by emailing info@monongaliacounty.gov