LA Metro details Sepulveda options

Credit: LA Metro

LA Metro has released details assessing the different options available for its flagship P3 project, the Sepulveda corridor.

The authority is weighing up six potential options - three monorail and three subterranean metro routes - each with varying numbers of stations. All of the options posted significant cuts to current times; over an hour under the end-to-end driving time of 100 minutes.

As expected, the subterranean metro routes posted faster times and would have larger capacity, but the monorail option had the potential for extra stops including at the significant UCLA.

The full time and route analysis can be found by clicking here.

LA Metro also added that environmental processes are proceeding, while the two shortlisted teams are working through progressive P3s to jointly scope and deliver early works for the project.

The John Laing-led consortium is developing a monorail system, while the Bechtel-Meridiam venture is going for heavy rail.