MPs urge momentum on nuclear

A group of MPs has set out a series of measures that need to be taken by the UK government to drive nuclear development - including selecting the next large-scale nuclear project and investing in the first small modular reactor (SMR) schemes.

Credit: Getty

The All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Nuclear Energy has published its report, The Pathway to a Nuclear Renaissance, which sets out a number of actions that the government should take to “tear down remaining barriers to progress”.

Among its recommendations, the report says a Nuclear Roadmap needs to be published this year to outline the full programme of projects to 2050.

It also urges the direct investment in “at least the first two” SMR projects, while a partner for the next large-scale nuclear project beyond Sizewell C should be chosen “in this parliament”.

The report said: “The UK has its best opportunity in 40 years to revive the nuclear sector and to provide the clean, reliable, sovereign power that this country needs.”

However critics have argued that the UK does not need nuclear power to deliver on its Net Zero aims. 

“Numerous scientific reports, such as by the Oxford University Smith School, have found that wind and solar can economically power not only the UK's entire electricity system but our whole energy system by 2050,” said campaign group, Stop Sizewell C.