“Astounding” demand for rural & tribal grants

Credit: USDOT

The US Department of Transportation (USDOT), through the Build America Bureau (BAB), has awarded 13 grants as part of its Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program (RTA), marking it as “just the beginning”.

Over 400 applications were received for the program that will help rural and tribal communities access advisors to support future infrastructure projects, including bolstering capacity to utilize alternative and innovative financing solutions.

The full list of 13 authorities, who will collectively receive $3.4m in funding, can be found by clicking here.

BAB executive director Morteza Farajian said the response for funding was “astounding”, adding that he is “excited to work with these new partners to jump-start local projects and better position them to compete for DOT grants and explore innovative funding, financing, and delivery solutions”.