Hunt pledges to solve UK Grid issues

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has unveiled plans to tackle the country’s ageing Grid infrastructure as part of his Autumn Statement.

Credit: Getty

Hunt said in his statement to Parliament that it is “taking too long for clean energy businesses to access the energy grid”.

As a result, the government has unveiled plans to reduce the end-to-end process of building electricity network infrastructure from 14 years to seven years on average. To support this aim, there will also be incentives to local communities where transmission infrastructure is being built.

Meanwhile, the government has outlined a Connections Action Plan that aims to deal with the time it takes viable projects to connect to the electricity grid.

Hunt claimed the measures introduced by the government will help to cut access delays by 90%.

The proposals form  the main part of the government’s response to Electricity Networks Commissioner Nick Winser’s report into accelerating electricity transmission network deployment, which was published in August this year.

There is the potential for private finance to help tackle issues surrounding the Grid, such as building capacity, as discussed in our recent feature on the difficulties facing the country’s energy transmission infrastructure. Click here to read more.

The government has also published long-awaited updates to its National Policy Statements for energy infrastructure.