Investor conference for Philippines water PPP

An investor conference is being held by the Philippines PPP Centre to provide more information on the country’s next planned water & wastewater PPP project, to be delivered under a DBFOM model.

Credit: Philippines PPP Centre

The Bislig City Bulk Water Supply and Septage Project will see private partners develop, finance, operate and maintain a bulk water supply and a septage treatment facility.

The scheme, which aims to provide sustainable potable water supply and proper sanitation services to Bislig City, will also include the rehabilitation of the water district’s existing distribution network.

Interested parties are invited to attend the conference either in-person or online, and are required to register by 27 November 2023 for the event, which is being held on 29 November at the Davao Finance Center in Davao City. To register, click here.

Meanwhile, PPP Centre executive director, Ma. Cynthia C. Hernandez, has been discussing the reforms of the proposed PPP Code. She told a recent conference that the changes would consolidate all legal frameworks and create a unified system that will further enhance private sector participation.

The Code, which is currently awaiting the signature of the president, will see the PPP Center institutionalised, with additional powers and functions, she added.