Ireland publishes PPP project data

The Irish government has published information providing a breakdown of nearly €5bn in signed PPP contracts.

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The data reveals that the Irish government has agreed €4.99bn in PPP deals, according to the contract value, while the projected total cost of all PPP payments is €11.26bn, with repayments stretching out as far as 2062.

It also shows the annual unitary charges for all projects, both for the year to the end of 2022 and the projected unitary charges for the remainder of all contracts, which reaches a combined €6.3bn.

Project costs and unitary charges are broken down by each individual project, with no surprise that transport infrastructure accounts for the largest number and value of projects. The data shows seven transport projects delivered under a design, build, finance, operate maintain (DBFOM) model - covering schemes such as the N25, M11 and N11 projects - plus a further eight concession deals.

Overall, transportation schemes counted for €3.45bn of contracts signed by the Irish government, through Transport Infrastructure Ireland.

To see the data in full, click here.

Ireland is continuing to procure new projects through PPPs, with a raft of housing and education projects currently in procurement - as well as the early stages of the landmark MetroLink project in Dublin.