NIC to investigate autonomous vehicle potential

The UK’s National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has been tasked with exploring how the government should plan, operate and maintain the country’s road network to prepare it for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

Terms of reference have been issued to the NIC by the government, setting out the parameters of the study, which will consider the policy and governance that may be needed.

“This technology enables us to think differently about how we could manage the country’s congested roads, transforming the experiences of drivers and public transport users and giving business productivity a real boost,” said Commissioner Michele Dix.

“The study is a chance to understand the full implications of the technology for future infrastructure design and operation, and to identify the policies government will need to ensure it succeeds.”

Although the study will not be considering any funding or financing for the delivery of new infrastructure to support CAVs, private investment has been used in other countries to prepare the way for such technology.

In Washington, DC, for example, the city’s smart lighting PPP project was designed with CAV in mind, offering the potential to use lighting posts to provide CAVs with the connections they need.

To see the terms of reference in full, click here.