Episode 27: The hottest of hot spots, what's Besix seeing in the Gulf?

Nicolaas de Koning of Besix speaks with the team about the opportunities and challenges in the Middle East PPP market

Episode 26: Stanford’s Carter Casady shares his objective findings about PPP performance around the world

The team is joined by academic Carter Casady, who sheds light on his work in getting to the bottom of how PPPs perform around the world, and what can make them tick.

Illinois General Assembly passes P3 legislation to enable and encourage additional projects in the state

Why and how House Bill 2878 could significantly increase P3 activity in Illinois

Episode 25: CCPPP's Lisa Mitchell discusses the Canadian infrastructure landscape

The team are joined by Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships's Lisa Mitchell, who is helping craft the future for P3s amid a changing landscape in the country.

Episode 24: Sizewell C's Julia Pyke discusses the UK's nuclear ambitions

The team is joined by Sizewell C's Julia Pyke to walk through one of the UK's most exciting infrastructure projects. From the RAB model to the country's future energy mix, Sizewell C is blazing a trail that could prove decisive for the UK's Net Zero energy push.

Episode 23: A new approach to keyworker housing; picking out PPP positives; and a man called Bob

The team explore some new approaches to kickstarting housing for keyworkers, particularly in the NHS; and underline the importance of highlighting the benefits of PPPs; while Dealsworth finds out what the common man thinks of one specific PFI contract

Episode 22: UKIB's Ian Brown on its approach to investing, opportunities for equity, and "rewiring" for a new approach to risk

The UK Infrastructure Bank's Ian Brown discusses how the bank will meet its mandate - and considers the discipline needed to ensure crowding in never tips into crowding out private investment

Blog: Painful proof of a working model

In Alberta & Colorado, news has been breaking on some faltering rail projects. While painful for all those involved, they show that P3s are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Episode 20: The AIAI discuss capacity building, the rise of smaller P3s and the diversification of P3 players

Thomas Sherman, director of public sector initiatives & programming, and Carol Todd, director of communications at the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI) explain interest in its certification program and consider how the P3 landscape is evolving in light of the IIJA

ANALYSIS: How is the P3 model faring under Colombia’s new government?

When the Gustavo Petro government took power last August, marking the first leftist administration in the country, some feared it was the end of Colombia’s status as South America’s pioneering P3 hotspot. But a year on, were their fears overstated?

Episode 19: From a US infrastructure bank to international megaprojects

The team discuss some of the global moves lighting up the PPP industry, from Indonesia's capital city relocation, London's historic Hammersmith Bridge project to new US infrastructure bank legislation.

Blog: Social consciousness

From higher education to courthouses, social infrastructure looks to be showing signs of bursting into life across the US

Engage early and often: Why a strong communications strategy is vital to P3

Sandra McQuain gets the lowdown from the P3 Airport Summit on why “community capital” may be the most important equity investment in the US P3 market

P3 Airport Summit: The fight to remain relevant

Whether it’s Peter, Paul and Mary leaving on a jet plane or George Jetson in an eVTOL, airports will need private sector innovation to remain relevant as technology transforms the way we move, writes Sandra McQuain

Episode 13: Reflections on our recent roundtable in London; plus the impact of federal dollars on the US pipeline

The team discuss the key takeaways from their recent roundtable discussion with UK industry experts on the future of the market, hosted at Burges Salmon's London offices. They also take a look at how the US market is being influenced and shaped by the vast sums of money available at a federal level for infrastructure projects

This Week in P3: Feb 17.

Lots of big changes this week, not on the project front but personnel in both the public and private sectors.

This Week in P3: Feb 10.

Pipeline continues to flow but doubts also surface on P3s’ applicability during these unique times.

Episode 12: A look back at our ESG conference; themes emerging in 2023; and P3 getting a bad press

The team take a look back at our recent ESG focussed conference, breaking down the three elements of the powerful acronym. Looking forward, the team discuss a few of the emerging themese for 2023 and a couple of the headwinds that the industry may be facing.

This Week in P3: Feb 3.

Interesting housing projects come forward and authorities look to use P3s to leverage their transit-spurred development opportunities.

Episode 11: KPMG's Richard Threlfall discusses the environment, infrastructure, and getting governments engaged in the greatest challenge of our age

The team are joined by KPMG's global head of infrastructure, government and healthcare Richard Threlfall, who lays bare the challenge of climate change, and the pivotal role that infrastructure, and PPPs, have to play in reversing the tide.

This Week in P3: Jan 20

2023 kicks off with a flurry of activity. Major projects continue to take shape and new themes emerge as the P3 industry takes off from the strong position we finished in 2022.

Episode 10: Industry expert Yousef Salama takes stock of the challenges facing the P3 industry and offers a view on where it's going

Ex-PPP Canada, LA Metro & Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning P3 expert Yousef Salama lays out the reality facing the P3 industry that is wrestling with major issues such as inflation and Putin's invasion of Ukraine - and gives advice to authorities looking to deliver deals amid the turmoil. This episode was recorded in October 2022.

This Week in P3: Dec 16

Railway megaprojects ramp up and governors take center stage in a busy week for P3 - as we launch our new Global Projects service.

Episode 9: The World Bank’s Fatouma Toure Ibrahima talks with the team about PPPs past, present and future in emerging markets

Bouncing off of the World Bank’s investment data from this year, World Bank’s Fatouma Toure Ibrahima talks about how the PPP industry has changed after a turbulent few years - and what it may look like afterwards.

This Week in P3: Dec 9

Coast to coast, continent to continent, we’ve seen activity all over the Americas in P3 this week. We’ve had winners and shortlists announced, as well as an interesting study into what makes P3s valuable.

Episode 8: A Canadian special as we reflect on the 30th annual CCPPP conference in Toronto; including the challenges facing the market and analyzing the Ottawa LRT Commission’s report

The team report from Canada this episode after a busy and different Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Annual Conference in Toronto. From O&M to progressive P3s, Canada continues to drive conversations, and the market, forward.

This Week in P3: new models, pipelines and problems continue to come forward

A mixed picture for P3s across the Americas as deputy editor Jonathan Davies provides a run-down of this week’s key activity.

ANALYSIS: As war continues to rage, will the PPP industry be ready to support the economic rebuilding when Ukraine calls?

In February last year, Russian tanks rolled over the border, resulting in the destruction of swathes of Ukraine. One day, it will be the world’s diggers and cranes rolling over the border to rebuild it.

Episode 5: Sleepless in New York; the P3 Awards; the rise of smaller projects; and what happened at the World Bank anual meeting

The team behind P3 Bulletin talk over a busy month in the US markets and more, including the P3 Awards and World Bank annual meeting.

Episode 4: Qingbin Cui Interview discussing the Build America Center; tackling Value for Money; supporting local authorities on their P3 journey

Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies talks with the Build America Center's Qingbin Cui on how it is helping to build the next wave of P3s. From aiding new local authorities on their first projects to facing down issues such as Value for Money, the center is at the heart of implementing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Blog: PennDOT finds route around anti-tolls agenda

The state department has come out with a new plan to deliver its P3 bridge replacement program - but it comes at a cost

More fuel for the EV charging fire

The upcoming climate bill increases the urgency of new electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and presents a new front for the P3 industry, says deputy editor Jonathan Davies.

No time for a holiday

Is Biden’s gas tax holiday a serious policy failure, or a brilliant long-term masterplan, asks Paul Jarvis

Colorado looks to expand P3 for state agencies

Gregory V. Johnson, counsel at Squire Patton Boggs, discusses the significant opportunities opened up by Colorado’s new P3 legislation

IIJA: Has it got a puncture or do we need more patience?

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) came into force seven months ago, but what has this meant for P3s and when will we see the fruits, wonders Jonathan Davies

Illinois General Assembly’s plans for P3s under new legislation

Adam Margolin, chair of the infrastructure & P3 practice at Quarles & Brady, outlines the potential created by the proposed P3 Act in Illinois

Getting hot

P3 businesses are increasingly looking to bolster their presence in Miami and South Florida as the region is set to be a hotbed of infrastructure opportunity

The Progressive Case

The progressive bid model can reduce risk and costs, and speed up infrastructure P3 projects, say Bracewell partners Fernando Rodriguez Marin and Nicolai J Sarad

Difficult questions

Mary Scott Nabers, president and CEO, Strategic Partnerships

P3C: Industry readies itself for defining moment

Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies reports on the key trends emerging from the P3C event in Dallas last week

A Progressive Conversation

P3 Bulletin is excited to finally be back with an in-person conference next month, and we’re expecting some interesting discussions as the industry gets together

Wheels in Motion

While the full effect of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package will take years to be felt, it has already started to have a stimulus impact

Now and Next

Editor Paul Jarvis takes a look at some of the trends of 2021, and where the market is heading in 2022 and beyond

US infrastructure: Time to deliver

Plans for trillion dollar infrastructure investment may be eye-catching, but getting projects built on the ground needs to be the priority today

How to adapt the P3 procurement process as building material prices rise

Carmen Wade, Head of North America, Operis financial advisory

Taking its toll

The American Legion Bridge P3 project in Maryland is back on track, but the reasons it was nearly derailed will still be prevalent on other projects

The Biden Infrastructure Plan

A Boon to the Municipal Green Bond Market? Sarah Christian, of Counsel, Winstead PC

No free lunch

A growing clamor for P3s to be used to underpin the federal government’s infrastructure aspirations could work against the model in the long term

When is Infrastructure Real Estate?

Sarah A. W. Fitts, Schiff Hardin and board member of the NY chapter of Women’s Infrastructure Network. Sameera Gadiyaram, JLC Infrastructure and a member of WIN’s NY chapter junior board

Leadership for a New World

Suhrita Sen, founder and principal of Infrastructure Advisors