This Week in P3: new models, pipelines and problems continue to come forward

A mixed picture for P3s across the Americas as deputy editor Jonathan Davies provides a run-down of this week’s key activity.

Episode 5: Sleepless in New York; the P3 Awards; the rise of smaller projects; and what happened at the World Bank anual meeting

The team behind P3 Bulletin talk over a busy month in the US markets and more, including the P3 Awards and World Bank annual meeting.

Episode 4: Qingbin Cui Interview discussing the Build America Center; tackling Value for Money; supporting local authorities on their P3 journey

Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies talks with the Build America Center's Qingbin Cui on how it is helping to build the next wave of P3s. From aiding new local authorities on their first projects to facing down issues such as Value for Money, the center is at the heart of implementing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Blog: PennDOT finds route around anti-tolls agenda

The state department has come out with a new plan to deliver its P3 bridge replacement program - but it comes at a cost

More fuel for the EV charging fire

The upcoming climate bill increases the urgency of new electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and presents a new front for the P3 industry, says deputy editor Jonathan Davies.

No time for a holiday

Is Biden’s gas tax holiday a serious policy failure, or a brilliant long-term masterplan, asks Paul Jarvis

Colorado looks to expand P3 for state agencies

Gregory V. Johnson, counsel at Squire Patton Boggs, discusses the significant opportunities opened up by Colorado’s new P3 legislation

IIJA: Has it got a puncture or do we need more patience?

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) came into force seven months ago, but what has this meant for P3s and when will we see the fruits, wonders Jonathan Davies

Illinois General Assembly’s plans for P3s under new legislation

Adam Margolin, chair of the infrastructure & P3 practice at Quarles & Brady, outlines the potential created by the proposed P3 Act in Illinois

Getting hot

P3 businesses are increasingly looking to bolster their presence in Miami and South Florida as the region is set to be a hotbed of infrastructure opportunity

The Progressive Case

The progressive bid model can reduce risk and costs, and speed up infrastructure P3 projects, say Bracewell partners Fernando Rodriguez Marin and Nicolai J Sarad

Difficult questions

Mary Scott Nabers, president and CEO, Strategic Partnerships

P3C: Industry readies itself for defining moment

Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies reports on the key trends emerging from the P3C event in Dallas last week

A Progressive Conversation

P3 Bulletin is excited to finally be back with an in-person conference next month, and we’re expecting some interesting discussions as the industry gets together

Wheels in Motion

While the full effect of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure package will take years to be felt, it has already started to have a stimulus impact

Now and Next

Editor Paul Jarvis takes a look at some of the trends of 2021, and where the market is heading in 2022 and beyond

US infrastructure: Time to deliver

Plans for trillion dollar infrastructure investment may be eye-catching, but getting projects built on the ground needs to be the priority today

How to adapt the P3 procurement process as building material prices rise

Carmen Wade, Head of North America, Operis financial advisory

Taking its toll

The American Legion Bridge P3 project in Maryland is back on track, but the reasons it was nearly derailed will still be prevalent on other projects

The Biden Infrastructure Plan

A Boon to the Municipal Green Bond Market? Sarah Christian, of Counsel, Winstead PC

No free lunch

A growing clamor for P3s to be used to underpin the federal government’s infrastructure aspirations could work against the model in the long term

When is Infrastructure Real Estate?

Sarah A. W. Fitts, Schiff Hardin and board member of the NY chapter of Women’s Infrastructure Network. Sameera Gadiyaram, JLC Infrastructure and a member of WIN’s NY chapter junior board

Leadership for a New World

Suhrita Sen, founder and principal of Infrastructure Advisors

Is Hawaii’s P3 industry at risk of another HART problem?

Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies takes a look at how the Aloha State is trying moving on from its failed P3 procurement last year

US prisons: As one door closes, another opens?

President Joe Biden’s Executive Order on prisons may be an opportunity, not the death knell for private involvement in the sector, says Paul Jarvis

Maryland’s Mojo

After a torrid 2020, The Old Line State closed the year in a strong way, says senior reporter Jonathan Davies

Start at the Very Beginning

Kimm Krueger, vice president of sales & business development at Commerce Decisions, explains the importance of getting procurement right from the outset

Will tech giants muscle into the P3 space?

The likes of Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all come in contact with P3s but are we about to see a shift in their usage, asks senior reporter Jonathan Davies

A $16bn P3 ripe for picking

David Keniry considers why Ireland could be the Apple of investors’ eyes

Shining a light on the dark spots

Senior Reporter Jonathan Davies wonders whether P3s can help bring connectivity to North America’s rural communities

Back in the groove

The course of 2020 has been far from predictable, but the legacy of the global pandemic offers a huge opportunity for infrastructure. It’s why Paul Jarvis is excited to be back

Powering the next generation of US colleges

Operis associate director Charles-André Gonthier on how colleges in the US are increasingly turning to partnerships to safeguard their utility supply.

Higher Ed utility P3s aid strained budgets

Fitch Ratings expects to see an increase in public private partnerships (P3s) to address aging utility infrastructure at colleges and university campuses over the next several years.

Feeding the jobs engine

Lisa Buglione, executive director at AIAI, explains why investing in communities through infrastructure worked before and it is still working now.

Collaboration in the classroom

How to advance P3s through collaborative education, by Lee U’Ren, director at the Institute for Public Private Partnerships (IP3)

Re-starting construction in Covid-19 environment

Louis Gunnigan from Technological University Dublin on how different jurisdictions are opening up construction sites.

The case for P3 2.0

Can P3 demonstrate ‘superior efficiency’ and if not, what comes next? By Dejan Makovšek, Project Manager and Infrastructure Procurement Lead at the International Transport Forum, OECD

Hiking back up the recovery mountain

Fredric W. Kessler, Partner at Nossaman, presents the case for adequate public transportation funding during the Covid-19 pandemic

Bringing P3s to the World

Lee A. Weintraub, chair, P3 practice group, Becker & Poliakoff

P3s not immune

COVID-19 disruptions, force majeure and relief events, by partner Meagan T. Bachman and counsel Gregory V. Johnson from Squire Patton Boggs

How do you fix the roof in a storm?

The perfect storm emerging from the COVID-19 crisis is shaping up to be an epic challenge for the infrastructure delivery sector, says P3 Bulletin’s David Keniry

Texas P3C speakers call for collaborative creativity

The future of infrastructure funding in the US may be uncertain, but creative P3 solutions are on the rise, reports Kirsty-Anne Jasper

Changes in government procurements should be recognized

Mary Scott Nabers, president and CEO of Strategic Partnerships

Game Over: CBO Calls a Tie on Cost of Capital

Marshall Macomber president of ThinkP3 and Senior Policy Advisor for the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI).

The P3 opportunity in higher education

Recent years have been tumultuous ones for US colleges and universities, discuss Lindsay Stowell, executive vice president and Matthew Do, senior vice president at JLL

Collaborative Approach

Emerging Procurement Models are addressing falling rates of complex construction projects, says Grenville Riley; managing director, concessions, at one of Canada’s largest employee-owned construction companies, Graham

Megxit Strategy

Partnerships Bulletin’s Kirsty-Anne Jasper looks at how public-private funding is an infrastructure issue for the British Royal Family

Regulated Infrastructure Investment offers the UK much promise for the future

Graham Mather CBE, President, The Infrastructure Forum comments on their report, sent to the UK Government today, which advocates for the Regulated Infrastructure Investment (RII) model

The theory of evolution

How successfully you manage project evolution is perhaps the biggest test that your PPP will go through says Alison Fagan, partner at DLA Piper.