Interview: SaskBuilds deputy minister Kyle Toffan on the province’s infrastructure prospects

P3 Bulletin editor Paul Jarvis speaks to Kyle Toffan, Deputy Minister of SaskBuilds and Procurement, at the Government of Saskatchewan

What are progressive P3s and why are they so interesting?

Progressive P3s are the hot topic in the P3 industry. Yet there is still a lot of debate around what the model’s advantages and disadvantages are - and even what it looks like

Canadian infrastructure agencies: Eastern progress and Western promise

The annual Canadian Council for PPPs (CCPPP) conference exposed the disparities in the infrastructure market across the country

Slimming down: Why small projects are driving innovation in US P3s

The US may have some of the world’s largest P3 projects, but there is a growing clamor from investors to make smaller schemes economically viable

ANALYSIS: New electoral map renews energy infra emphasis

The 2022 federal elections may force closer collaboration between the parties - and energy infrastructure could benefit

Looking Ahead to the New Global Minimum Tax

There is growing consensus around the benefits that a global taxation system could bring to governments around the world. But how would such a premise affect the P3 market?

IIJA: A tumultuous first year, but can it unleash America's P3 potential?

With the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), President Joe Biden promised to kickstart an infrastructure decade, but nobody expected what would happen in its first year. What’s happening now: progress, puncture or pause?

EVs and P3s: Not such a perfect fit?

Experts at the P3 Hub in New York discussed the role of P3 in the delivery of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure

P3 and the Northeast Corridor

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act could result in a new push for transportation-focused P3s, with in the Northeast Corridor at the forefront, reports Gordon Feller

Ask the Experts

Eight P3 post-contract governance best practices for higher education

Higher Education Case Studies

JLL’s experts provide some experiences and solutions from real life scenarios

Higher Power

Higher education P3 projects are facing major challenges, from inflation and supply chain issues, to a projected enrollment ‘cliff’. Paul Jarvis reports on how the industry is responding and what the post-pandemic mood is in the sector

High Energy

On-campus energy infrastructure P3s have been a popular choice in recent years. We check in with one project after 18 months of operation

MAP reading

Graham’s Municipal Asset Partnerships (MAP) model charts a new path for municipalities to deliver key infrastructure. Deputy editor Jonathan Davies talks with Graham’s Grenville Riley about MAP’s potential impact on communities and the industry

Cities: The beating heart of Biden’s Infra Act

Cities will have a critical role to play in utilizing the infrastructure investment coming from Congress, but they can also have a vital leadership function, reports Jonathan Davies

Tied up in knots

The White House thinks US port infrastructure needs P3s. Gordon Feller reports

How will inflation change the industry?

War in Ukraine, Chinese lockdowns, supply chain damages, fuel crisis. The many drivers of inflation are doing more than simply raising prices, they’re quietly changing the face of the P3 industry, reports Jonathan Davies

Building momentum

The host of one of the world’s most ambitious P3 pipelines, Brazil’s accelerating investment is exciting. Deputy editor Jonathan Davies talks with the IFC’s head of P3s for Brazil about the challenges and opportunities for P3s in the country.

How Space Can Change the Future of P3s

Remote imaging can provide a whole new perspective on infrastructure projects by providing new insights from space. Gordon Feller reports

At the center of building America

As USDOT looks to get down to the details of delivering the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, the leader of its new academic center for P3 promotion Professor Qingbin Cui talks with deputy editor Jonathan Davies about its plans

Moving to the Mainstream

InfraStrategies’ Mike Schneider has seen the P3 market mature over the past four decades. He spoke to Paul Jarvis about the lessons learned and the future for the industry

Is New York's P3 freeze about to thaw?

Despite hosting one of the largest P3 projects in the LaGuardia Airport scheme, New York has generally shunned the P3 space. That is starting to change, reports Jonathan Davies

Diversity in Leadership - Part 2

Following our International Women’s Day article focusing on women in leadership roles across the infrastructure and P3 space, we now take a broader perspective

Heading to the Top

Is the Second City to become the number one P3 center in the US?

Invesis: On the hunt for growth

Bam PPP is rebranding as it looks to strike out for growth, diversifying its focus and using its deep experience to build upon its existing portfolio

“The pace of change is accelerating”

On International Women’s Day, we hear from some of the female leaders within the partnerships industry on the importance of diversity within leadership

Making the Case

Lisa Mitchell has stepped into the hotseat at the Canadian Council for PPPs. She tells Paul Jarvis why the organization is more important than ever

Progressive P3s and protective IPs

Analysis: Will bringing the private sector’s new ideas further into the public sector pose a risk to innovation and competition by stoking intellectual property concerns, asks Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies.

Inflation and P3s

As current inflationary pressure threatens to burst the construction bubble, in the long run could it cause a boom in P3s, asks Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies

Tick TOC

The time may be right for transit-oriented communities (TOCs) and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act provides the tools to deliver, reports Paul Jarvis

“This is a tectonic shift in transit”

Mark Seeger, founder & chief executive at Glydways, explains how his company is introducing a rail revolution through P3s

Belt Up and Build Back

As the West looks to take on China at its own game, where do P3s fit into the geopolitical battle ground of infrastructure programs? Jonathan Davies reports

Everything has Changed

Jonathan Davies walks through Colombia’s flagship P3 project, the Bogota Metro, discussing how the deal got over the line and what it means for the future of the market

Demanding Change

As the world looks to build its way out of the pandemic, demand for developers has soared. In Canada, efforts to boost interest in projects are driving change. Paul Jarvis reports

Educating the Educators

Getting the message out about what P3 can do for school districts will be a slow process. But the rewards on offer are significant, writes Paul Jarvis

Analysis: Getting Down to Business

President Joe Biden’s flagship infrastructure bill has been signed. Now the real work can begin

Analysis: Substantial Opportunity

Transit-oriented development was a hot topic in Canada before the pandemic. Does it still have a place in the new world?

The Infrastructure Bill: The P3 Perspective

Just when people were starting to wonder whether the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act would ever reach the President's desk, Congress finally rallied to pass it. Now the long saga is complete, what will its impact be on the P3 market?

Prepared for Justice

The Howard County Courthouse P3 project opened its doors earlier this year, ahead of schedule despite the impact of Covid-19. Paul Jarvis discovers what made this scheme run so smoothly

Net Zero Partnerships Report 2021

P3 Bulletin and Projects Bulletin have published an in-depth report looking at the Net Zero agenda

Standing out from the crowd

Crowdfunding to raise cash for infrastructure is still a novelty, but some think it could unlock a whole new opportunity for projects of the future

Not there yet

The Senate may have signed off on a $1.2trn infrastructure package, but there remains plenty of work to be done - particularly when it comes to P3s

Smart and Soul

Colin Earp, KPMG’s national transport leader & Global InfraTech chair in Canada, tells Dan Colombini about the shifting focus of owners and investors

Edge of center

Data centers have historically been a private sector enterprise. But as technology becomes a core part of infrastructure, it may be time for the public sector to join in

Majoring on the benefits

Lawrence Slade is chief executive of the Global Infrastructure Investor Association. He tells Paul Jarvis why it is such a vital time for the organization

Getting smarter

New technology offers the chance to put P3s at the forefront of future infrastructure developments by encouraging a whole life view of assets. Paul Jarvis investigates

The Great Enabler

Broadband is fast becoming critical as more and more infrastructure relies on high-speed internet connections. P3s can ensure rural areas aren’t left out of the revolution

Cloud computing

A project to deliver a new supercomputer to the UK’s Met Office has the potential to revolutionize the P3 market. Paul Jarvis reports

Smart thinking

Dr Jennifer Schooling OBE is chair of the Research Strategy Advisory Group for the Centre for Digital Built Britain and director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction, University of Cambridge. She explains the role of smart infrastr

A public sector perspective

Paul Dodds heads the Scottish Futures Trust’s infrastructure technology division. He explains what the agency is doing to stay smart