Disputes: Making amends in a post-White Fraiser world

Disputes in PFI contracts in the UK have been on the rise for several years now. But following the recommendations of the White Fraiser Report, could things be about to change?

Different from before: Officials show why Saudi is the world’s most exciting PPP market

Officials and experts discussed the abundant near-term and mid-term PPP opportunities in Saudi Arabia during a recent Partnerships Bulletin webinar

Infrastructure and growth: A compelling case

Investment in infrastructure has often been cited as a way to get the global economy going. Latest data from the IMF suggests there may be some truth to the idea

GloPro Hotspots: Healthcare Highlights

As populations increase, a growing number of non-traditional social infrastructure markets are seeing rising demand for healthcare projects.

Blog: Will Scotland’s push into bonds stimulate the infrastructure market?

Launching bonds might be a way to raise cash for infrastructure projects, but is more money the answer to a question nobody is asking?

How PPP is helping MENA meet its water challenges

Water is perhaps the region’s most scarce commodity, but creating potable water for rising populations also raises environmental concerns

Grid Locked: Tackling the transmission blockage

As the UK targets electricity generation as a key driver of clean energy, the National Grid system is struggling to cope, affecting the ability to make the energy transition. Can private finance help?

Why NIC’s budget plans could be a game changer for UK infrastructure

National Infrastructure Commissioner Julia Prescot tells Partnerships Bulletin why the latest Assessment could have a significant impact on private sector investment

GloPro Hotspots: Housing & Regeneration

The latest look at what’s going on within the Global Projects Tracker reveals the continuing demand for housing projects - especially in the UK

Shifting sands: The lowdown on the Middle East’s PPP emigres

Led by Saudi Arabia’s mass-scale PPP drive, the region has begun to attract a swathe of European talent to its shores

Blog: Britain’s politicians need to offer more to get investors excited

The future of UK infrastructure investment remains a hot topic when it comes to rhetoric, but the detail is far too thin on the ground

Analysis: Gulf ramps up schools PPP drive

Education is on the agenda for the Middle East PPP market, as the sector leads the push into social infrastructure

GloPro Hotspots: Rail

In our latest edition, we shine a light on some of the global rail projects that are progressing through planning and procurement, with some showing greater signs of urgency than others

Unpicking the challenges facing Scotland’s infrastructure market

Scotland was once the powerhouse of UK PPPs. But changing times call for changing methods, and our discussion at Burges Salmon’s Edinburgh offices shone a light on new approaches to maintain a vibrant market

Promising prospects for Israeli PPP market

Progress in some areas offers promise for the future of Israel's PPP industry, but some areas continue to lag

ANALYSIS: CVC deal gives DIF “more firepower”

Business will continue as usual, but acquisition gives DIF opportunity to deepen networks and offers potential for future growth, says chief investment officer

Saudi pipeline shows how to attract international attention

The Gulf state’s drive into PPPs continues apace - and new developments could open the doors to an even wider range of interested investors

Unbundling Labour: What the UK opposition is planning for partnerships

The Labour Party is putting down bread crumbs on its future industrial strategy. Is this the refresh the partnerships industry is looking for?

PPP’s role in tackling the UK’s chronic housing shortage

As the government undertakes a review of Homes England, its efforts in supporting new housing will come under scrutiny. Its record of crowding in private finance should be just the start

GloPro Hotspots: Renewable Energy

As governments turn their attention to energy transition as a means to spark economic growth, the PPP industry is seeing a number of sectors emerging as frontrunners in this area

Infrastructure has never looked so good - so why are the capital markets dragging their feet?

With pipelines coming thick and fast around the world, investor sentiment has been a sore spot in the industry with fundraising having a very slow start to the year - why are they out of step and is it all to blame on larger forces?

In sickness and in wealth: The Gulf’s healthcare PPP opportunity

As Gulf nations continue to see their populations grow, the need for investment in healthcare infrastructure is becoming a major issue

GI Hub: Problems are too big to solve without all parties

GI Hub chief executive Marie Lam-Frendo explains how the organisation is working to connect the pieces of the infrastructure puzzle to drive change

Is the UK’s health PFI legacy damaging future investment?

Continued issues with the management of a number of hospital PFI contracts are now raising wider questions about investing in UK infrastructure

GloPro Hotspots: University accommodation

In the first of a new series, we take a look at some of the sectors lighting up the Global Projects Tracker. To kick us off, we look at university accommodation, with projects emerging around the world

Mega PPP: Can the model adapt to deliver new cities - or even rebuild a country?

From Ukraine, through Saudi Arabia, to Indonesia, PPPs are being viewed as key to building or rebuilding cities and even a whole state. But can the model - and the industry - live up to expectations?

CHP: Securing the future of the Lift estate

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is starting the conversations on contract expiry. But with a very different structure to most other PFIs, the body is facing some unique challenges

ANALYSIS: UAE’s new PPP mandate will ‘create virtuous circle of investment’

Experts have welcomed the country’s commitment to an ‘advanced mechanism’ for PPPs and predicted it will focus on process digitisation

Tunisia looks to PPPs to tackle bloated government spending

At the home of the Arab Spring, disillusionment with the outcome of that movement means reform is needed

Is there a role for PPPs in battery storage?

Battery storage solutions are a key ingredient in developing an energy future based on renewables. So why have governments been slow to get involved?

Keyworker housing: Making it happen

As the NHS comes under pressure to deliver affordable housing for its staff, Partnerships Bulletin talks to a company that has been evolving into just this area

Why PPP is poised to take nuclear global

Nuclear power is seen as an important part of the Net Zero energy mix, but remains hugely expensive. So how is the market developing globally to meet demand?

PPP Positives: Rewarding best practice

Delivering high quality services should be the starting point for PPP projects. Here, we take a look at how one firm is holding up outstanding practices as the benchmark for success

Ireland: Can procurement changes deliver growth in a constrained environment?

Infra market continues to attract PPP interest despite contractor roadblocks, as the government looks to remove barriers to investment

Episode 18: Reflections on the Partnerships Awards, positive PPP experiences, and our expiry & handback event with Addleshaw Goddard

The team discuss what trends can be seen from this year’s prestigious Awards ceremony in London, and move into a discussion on showing the positives of PPPs. There is then a recap of the Handback to the Future event, plus the latest from the world of Hackitt P Dealsworth.

Saudi Arabia’s Neom: Land of plentiful PPPs or a desert mirage?

The futuristic visions of Saudi Arabia’s new city in the desert has got plenty of people excited. But is it realistic and can it attract the investment it needs to become a reality?

Handback to the Future: How to tackle expiry

Partnerships Bulletin and Addleshaw Goddard hosted an interactive session covering PFI contract expiry and handback. Here we collate some of the main themes from the day. Read in one go or click the links below for bitesize breakdowns


Fraser Ritson and Claire Wainwright from Addleshaw Goddard provided a summary of some of the key liabilities facing parties when the contract expires and the project company reaches the end of its life.

Services Post Expiry

This session, led by Farah Abou, assistant director in PwC’s real estate team, considered three critical questions relating to delivery of services after the PFI contract has expired.

Net Zero

What role does Net Zero have in the discussions around contract expiry and handback?

Asset Transition

During a session led by Vercity’s Patrick Hamill, delegates were invited to consider three questions: What is the most important ‘asset’; How can parties achieve mutual benefit and shared success; and Can expiry be successful in isolation from the follow-on?

PPP Positives: Examples of Good Practice

As we consider the benefits of the partnership approach, here are just a few examples of where the model is delivering for the public good

Positive thinking: Making the case for PPP

The UK PPP market contains a wealth of experience that is increasingly being leveraged around the world. And despite some of the headlines, there are many examples of how things have gone right, as well as wrong

SE Asia: A raft of legislation offers hope for a PPP future

New laws are being enacted throughout the region designed to attract more private investment, but these concerted efforts are still not quite hitting the mark

The inside story: Agilia’s move to an employee ownership trust

Co-founders Amar Qureshi and Mike Pugsley explain why they felt it was the right time to change the structure of the fast-growing advisory firm

Why the Middle East is betting on transport PPPs

As the Gulf states continue to diversify away from oil, a modern transport infrastructure is pivotal to realising sustainable, thriving economies

Case Study: How a partnership approach is transforming mental healthcare in south London

In healthcare, delivering new buildings should only ever be a means to achieving better service provision. In south London, one partnership is demonstrating how it can provide both

Episode 17: From Lord Michael Heseltine to the US military, the team talk over all the hottest topics in the global PPP market

After an eventful few months, the team touch base on home turf to digest a few of the major themes across the global PPP market. Highlights include mental health facilities, the flow of US legislation, Saudi Arabia's booming pipelines and more.

Besix eyes Gulf expansion through PPPs

Belgian-headquartered construction firm Besix is eyeing growth in the Middle East region as it looks to build on a pioneering social infrastructure deal, according to the firm's head of bids and assets for the region.

The Heseltine Interview: Devolution critical to future partnerships

Former Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine speaks to Editor Paul Jarvis about his passion for true public-private partnerships, the need for more devolution, and what went wrong with PFI