Episode 31: The Third P in P3 (sponsored by JLL)

In our latest episode, sponsored by JLL, Lindsay Stowell & Purdue University's Rob Wynkoop join the team to talk about the third P in P3.

Episode 30: Reflections on the UK National Infrastructure Assessment and the increasing issue of political risk as a major US project is blocked

The Partnerships Bulletin team sit down to digest the big news coming from both sides of the pond.

Episode 26: Stanford’s Carter Casady shares his objective findings about PPP performance around the world

The team is joined by academic Carter Casady, who sheds light on his work in getting to the bottom of how PPPs perform around the world, and what can make them tick.

Episode 25: CCPPP's Lisa Mitchell discusses the Canadian infrastructure landscape

The team are joined by Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships's Lisa Mitchell, who is helping craft the future for P3s amid a changing landscape in the country.

Episode 24: Sizewell C's Julia Pyke discusses the UK's nuclear ambitions

The team is joined by Sizewell C's Julia Pyke to walk through one of the UK's most exciting infrastructure projects. From the RAB model to the country's future energy mix, Sizewell C is blazing a trail that could prove decisive for the UK's Net Zero energy push.

Episode 23: A new approach to keyworker housing; picking out PPP positives; and a man called Bob

The team explore some new approaches to kickstarting housing for keyworkers, particularly in the NHS; and underline the importance of highlighting the benefits of PPPs; while Dealsworth finds out what the common man thinks of one specific PFI contract

Episode 22: UKIB's Ian Brown on its approach to investing, opportunities for equity, and "rewiring" for a new approach to risk

The UK Infrastructure Bank's Ian Brown discusses how the bank will meet its mandate - and considers the discipline needed to ensure crowding in never tips into crowding out private investment

Episode 21: A deep dive into the White Fraiser Report

In a special episode, the Partnerships Bulletin team give their first reactions to the Report on the status of behaviours, relationships and disputes across the PFI sector in the UK

Episode 20: The AIAI discuss capacity building, the rise of smaller P3s and the diversification of P3 players

Thomas Sherman, director of public sector initiatives & programming, and Carol Todd, director of communications at the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI) explain interest in its certification program and consider how the P3 landscape is evolving in light of the IIJA

Episode 19: From a US infrastructure bank to international megaprojects

The team discuss some of the global moves lighting up the PPP industry, from Indonesia's capital city relocation, London's historic Hammersmith Bridge project to new US infrastructure bank legislation.

Episode 18: Reflections on the Partnerships Awards, positive PPP experiences, and our expiry & handback event with Addleshaw Goddard

The team discuss what trends can be seen from this year’s prestigious Awards ceremony in London, and move into a discussion on showing the positives of PPPs. There is then a recap of the Handback to the Future event, plus the latest from the world of Hackitt P Dealsworth.

Episode 17: From Lord Michael Heseltine to the US military, the team talk over all the hottest topics in the global PPP market

After an eventful few months, the team touch base on home turf to digest a few of the major themes across the global PPP market. Highlights include mental health facilities, the flow of US legislation, Saudi Arabia's booming pipelines and more.

Episode 16: Graham Olver, Luton Rising CEO, on leveraging a major infrastructure asset for wider community benefit

Luton Rising's Graham Olver gives a look under the hood on how his team is driving positive change in the area by leveraging Luton's flagship infrastructure asset; sharing thoughts on ESG, leadership and potential.

Episode 15: Mental health in the workplace

A special edition of the podcast, focusing on the rising problem of mental health issues in the PPP world and how to deal with them. With guests Robert Marr, director of asset management at Artelia, and Martin Lockham, head of fundraising and growth at charity Mates in Mind.

Episode 14: All the action from the major P3C conference in Dallas

Sitting in a hotel room nearing the end of the three-day P3C conference in Dallas, Texas, the team consider what they’ve learned and how the market is evolving in the US

Episode 13: Reflections on our recent roundtable in London; plus the impact of federal dollars on the US pipeline

The team discuss the key takeaways from their recent roundtable discussion with UK industry experts on the future of the market, hosted at Burges Salmon's London offices. They also take a look at how the US market is being influenced and shaped by the vast sums of money available at a federal level for infrastructure projects

Episode 12: A look back at our ESG conference; themes emerging in 2023; and P3 getting a bad press

The team take a look back at our recent ESG focussed conference, breaking down the three elements of the powerful acronym. Looking forward, the team discuss a few of the emerging themese for 2023 and a couple of the headwinds that the industry may be facing.

Episode 11: KPMG's Richard Threlfall discusses the environment, infrastructure, and getting governments engaged in the greatest challenge of our age

The team are joined by KPMG's global head of infrastructure, government and healthcare Richard Threlfall, who lays bare the challenge of climate change, and the pivotal role that infrastructure, and PPPs, have to play in reversing the tide.

Episode 10: Industry expert Yousef Salama takes stock of the challenges facing the P3 industry and offers a view on where it's going

Ex-PPP Canada, LA Metro & Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning P3 expert Yousef Salama lays out the reality facing the P3 industry that is wrestling with major issues such as inflation and Putin's invasion of Ukraine - and gives advice to authorities looking to deliver deals amid the turmoil. This episode was recorded in October 2022.

Episode 9: The World Bank’s Fatouma Toure Ibrahima talks with the team about PPPs past, present and future in emerging markets

Bouncing off of the World Bank’s investment data from this year, World Bank’s Fatouma Toure Ibrahima talks about how the PPP industry has changed after a turbulent few years - and what it may look like afterwards.

Episode 8: A Canadian special as we reflect on the 30th annual CCPPP conference in Toronto; including the challenges facing the market and analyzing the Ottawa LRT Commission’s report

The team report from Canada this episode after a busy and different Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships Annual Conference in Toronto. From O&M to progressive P3s, Canada continues to drive conversations, and the market, forward.

Episode 7: Hunt's Autumn statement & Europe's emerging markets

The team behind Partnerships Bulletin digest the latest UK government economic statement and take a whistle stop tour around a couple of emerging European markets as they look to tap PPPs.

Episode 6: Stuart McMillan Interview; the UK PPP landscape, from RAB to MIM; plus PFI handback

Burges Salmon's Stuart McMillan walks through the UK's infrastructure procurment landscape with editor Paul Jarvis

Episode 5: Sleepless in New York; the P3 Awards; the rise of smaller projects; and what happened at the World Bank anual meeting

The team behind P3 Bulletin talk over a busy month in the US markets and more, including the P3 Awards and World Bank annual meeting.

Episode 4: Qingbin Cui Interview discussing the Build America Center; tackling Value for Money; supporting local authorities on their P3 journey

Deputy Editor Jonathan Davies talks with the Build America Center's Qingbin Cui on how it is helping to build the next wave of P3s. From aiding new local authorities on their first projects to facing down issues such as Value for Money, the center is at the heart of implementing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA).

Episode 1: Launch Time. Introducing the new podcast; global inflationary pressures; and the return of an old favourite

The team behind Partnerships Bulletin and P3 Bulletin introduce their new podcast, and dig into some of the big issues in the market today